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Announcements (Highlights)

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INSEAD knowledge Interview: Albert Angehrn on LingHe Simulation
With Professor Albert A. Angehrn
Fri, January 09, 2009
With China's business environment undergoing fast and significant change ...

new paper: Designing Effective Collaboration, Learning and Innovation Systems for Education Professionals
Albert A. Angehrn, Katrina Maxwell, Marco Luccini, Federico Rajola; (IJKL), Vol 5 No. 2 (2009)

new chapter in book: Identity of identity in The Future of Identity in the Information Society - Challenges and Opportunities
Published by: Springer, June 3, 2009
by Thierry Nabeth

new paper: InnoTube : A video-based connection tool supporting collaborative innovation
Albert A. Angehrn, Marco Luccini, Katrina Maxwell; (ILE), Vol 17 No. 3 (2009)

Identity {R}Evolution – Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives
Booklet- FIDIS deliverable 2.12, May 2009

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Simulations At CALT

Our EIS Change Management Game Simulation platform

Projects in which CALT is involved in

A Presentation of The “Simulations At CALT” (flash video with slides + sound)

In the EIS Simulation, participants working in groups are challenged to introduce an innovation in a division of the EuroComm corporation..."

Projects: AtGentive, CareerGuide, ChangeMasters, FIDIS, Laboranova, L2C, RuralWings, TenCompetence, ...


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Useful terms to have a look at: serious games, cognition, social web, entreprise 2.0, collaboration, digital identity, venture capital, ....

Articles, working papers, etc. that we have authored

We would like to thank officially a number of INSEAD Faculty Members for their support and involvement in CALT Research Projects

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Most significant recent additions

Albert A. Angehrn, Katrina Maxwell (2010);
Increasing change readiness in higher educational institutions through a simulation-based change management experience;
International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 2010 - Vol. 6, No.2/3 pp. 162 - 174
; projects: (OpenScout);
download: (to journal ...)
Thierry Nabeth (2009);
Social web and identity: a likely encounter (Editorial of the special issue Social web and identity);
Identity in the Information Society (IDIS)
; projects: (FIDIS);
download: (IDIS journal web/pdf (open access))
Albert A. Angehrn, Katrina Maxwell (2009);
EagleRacing: Addressing Corporate Collaboration Challenges Through an Online Simulation Game;
Innovate, Journal of Online Education, vol. 5, Issue 6, Aug/Sept 2009.
; projects: (L2C);
download: (web/pdf ?)
Albert A. Angehrn, Marco Luccini, Katrina Maxwell (2009);
InnoTube : A video-based connection tool supporting collaborative innovation;
; projects: (Laboranova, InnoTube);
download: (pdf 185 kB)
Albert A. Angehrn, Katrina Maxwell, Marco Luccini, Federico Rajola (2009);
Designing Effective Collaboration, Learning and Innovation Systems for Education Professionals;
International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL), Vol. 5 No. 2 (2009), forthcoming
; projects: (ChangeMasters, TenCompetence);
Albert A. Angehrn, Michael Gibbert (2008 -first version);
Learning Networks - Introduction, Background, Shift from bureaucracies to networks, Shift from training and development to learning, Shift from competitive to collaborative thinking, The three key challenges in learning networks;
The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
a description
; projects: (TenCompetence, TenTube);
download: (html ?)
Albert A. Angehrn, Katrina Maxwell, Marco Luccini, Federico Rajola (2008);
Designing Collaborative Learning and Innovation Systems for Education Professionals;
in Miltiadis D. Lytras, John M. Carroll, Ernesto Damiani, Robert D. Tennyson (Eds.): Emerging Technologies and Information Systems for the Knowledge Society, First World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2008, Athens, Greece, September 24-26, 2008. Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5288 Springer 2008, 167-176
; projects: (ChangeMasters);
download: (web site/pdf 206.62 kB)
Albert A. Angehrn, Katrina Maxwell (2008);
TENTube: A video-based connection tool supporting competence development;
Proceedings Workshop Empowering Learners for Lifelong Competence Development, Madrid, Spain, 10 & 11 April, 2008
; projects: (TenCompetence);
download: (pdf 207Kb)
Albert A. Angehrn, Katrina Maxwell, Bertrand Sereno (2008);
Enhancing Social Interaction in Competence Development Networks: A Conceptual Framework;
International Journal of Learning Technology (IJLT)
; projects: (TenCompetence);
Thierry Nabeth, Hasse Karlsson, Albert A. Angehrn, Nicolas Maisonneuve (2008);
A Social Network Platform for Vocational Learning in the ITM Worldwide Network;
IST Africa 2008, Windhoek, Namibia, 7-9 May 2008
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (pdf 102Kb)
Thierry Nabeth (2008);
User Profiling for Attention Support for School and Work;
Book Chapter in Mireille Hildebrandt and Serge Gutwirth Editors (2008), Profiling the European Citizen; Springer
; projects: (FIDIS, AtGentive);
download: (publisher Springer)
Katrina Maxwell, Albert A. Angehrn, Bertrand Sereno (2007);
Increasing user value through professional identity profiles, profile-based connection agents and games;
HCSIT Summit - ePortfolio International Conference 16-19 October 2007 Maastricht, The Netherlands
; projects: (TenCompetence);
download: (web site ...)
Nicolas Maisonneuve (2007);
Application of a simple visual attention model to the communication overload problem;
Attention Management in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (AMUCE 2007), Innsbruck - Sunday September 16
; projects: (AtGentive);
Albert A. Angehrn, Thierry Nabeth (2006);
The L2C Project: Learning to Collaborate through advanced SmallWorld Simulations;
ECTEL 2006; First European Technology Enhanced Learning Conference, 1-4 October 2006, Crete, Greece
A short presenting the L2C project.
; projects: (L2C);
download: (pdf 335Kb)
Albert A. Angehrn (2006);
Developing Change and Innovation Management Competencies in Rural & Urban Communities: A Social Simulation-Centered Approach;
ICICTE 2006, The International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education, 6-8 July 2006, Rhodes, Greece
to be completed
; projects: (RuralWings, TenCompetence);
download: (pdf 45Kb)
VIP eds (2006);
Identity in a Networked World – Use Cases and Scenarios;
FIDIS, 16 pages booklet presenting Identity Issues, October 2006
The goal of this deliverable is the creation of a high quality output for public diffusion, i.e. starting from the technically challenging contributions in D2.2 towards a more 'digestible' and more attractive form for a wider public, not necessarily specialised. Hence seven articles have been elaborated to a form appropriate for the special needs.
; projects: (FIDIS);
download: (pdf 10.816 Mb)
Alicia Cheak, Albert A. Angehrn, Peter Sleop (2006);
Enhancing Social Navigation and Knowledge Exchange within Lifelong Competence Development and Management Systems;
Proceedings Workshop Learning Networks for Lifelong Competence Development, Sofia, Bulgaria, 30 & 31, 2006
to be completed
; projects: (TenCompetence);
download: (pdf 201Kb)
Huifang Yang, Philippe Leliaert, Shuming Zhao, Albert A. Angehrn, Leo van Geffen (2006);
Understanding Organizational Dynamics of Change in China: A Multimedia Simulation Approach;
a description
; projects: (EIS Simulation);
download: (pdf 320Kb)
Albert A. Angehrn (2005);
Designing Innovation Games for Community-based Learning and Knowledge Exchange;
International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, Vol. 1, Issue 3
a description
; projects: (L2C);
Claudia Roda, Thierry Nabeth (2005);
The role of attention in the design of Learning Management Systems;
IADIS International Conference CELDA (Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age) 2005
to be completed.
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (pdf 150Kb)
Albert A. Angehrn (2005);
Learning to Manage Innovation and Change through Organizational and People Dynamics Simulations;
Proceedings of the International Simulation & Gaming Association Conference (ISAGA 05), Atlanta, USA
Another paper on organizational change and simulation
; projects: (EIS Simulation);
download: (pdf 145Kb)
Thierry Nabeth, Liana Razmerita, Albert A. Angehrn, Claudia Roda (2005);
InCA: a Cognitive Multi-Agents Architecture for Designing Intelligent & Adaptive Learning Systems;
A special issue of ComSIS journal, Vol. 3, No. 2., December 2005
This article presents the design principles, development and implementation of an e-learning framework, called Intelligent Cognitive Agents (InCA)
; projects: (K-InCA);
download: (pdf 373Kb)
Thierry Nabeth, Albert A. Angehrn (2004);
Embedding 2D Standalone Educational Simulation Games in 3D Multi-Users Environments: The Case of C-VIBE;
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2004), Joensuu, Finland, pp. 711-713.
This paper presents insights gained in the design and evaluation of C-VIBE, a 3D multi-users simulation game developed within VERDI (Virtual Environment for Real time Distributed applications over the Internet), a project exploring advanced applications running over a satellite network infrastructure, and in particular innovative solutions for management education.
; projects: (VERDI, EIS Simulation);
download: (pdf 150Kb)
Thierry Nabeth, Albert A. Angehrn, Claudia Roda (2002);
Towards Personalized, Socially Aware and Active Knowledge Management Systems;
in Proceedings of E-business and E-work - Challenges and Achievements in E-business and E-work, B. Stanford-Smith, E. Chiozza & M. Edin (eds.), IOS Press, Amsterdam, Vol. 2, pp. 884-891
a description
download: (pdf 158Kb)

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CALT information

CALT - The Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies
Residence D
INSEAD -Bd de Constance -F-77305 Fontainebleau Cedex, France
Contact:Marco Luccini (phone) 33 1 6072 4000 (email) marco.luccini(@)

CALT, The Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies, is one of the well-established Centres of Excellence at INSEAD. Research focuses on advanced learning systems – and particularly game-like dynamics - for management development and effective knowledge exchange dynamics. see more ...