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 At Gentive

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Project Abstract: AtGentive

AtGentive: Attentive Agents for Collaborative Learners

The objective of this project is to investigate the use of artificial agents for supporting the management of the attention of young or adult learners in the context of individual and collaborative learning environments.

Practically, this project consists in the design of artificial agents (that are able to coach the learners in reaching higher level of performance in managing their attention in the learning process. These agents, which appear as embedded characters, are able to profile the (short or long term) state of the attention of the learners by observing their actions, to assess, to analyse and to reason on these states of attention, and to provide some proactive coaching (assessment, guidance, stimulation, etc.).

These attentive agents will be designed and delivered as part of two different learning infrastructure/contexts:

  • AtGentNet: an advanced virtual community platform supporting knowledge exchange in knowledge communities.
  • AtGentSchool: an artificial characters enhanced eLearning platform for child education;

The result of this project will be validated with two pilot sites:

  • A school pilot
  • A learning network of managers from SMEs

Keywords: social computing, attention, ...

Related project: K-InCA, LIP

systems: ICDT platform

Note: The website is no longer active. ( should be used instead)

Coordinator: thierry-25.gif Thierry Nabeth



AtGentive: Attentive Agents for Collaborative Learners

Project Timeframe:December 2005 - December 2007.

Coordinator: Thierry Nabeth

Project Team: Nicolas Maisonneuve, Pradeep Kumar Mittal, Ye Deng, Albert A. Angehrn

web site:

Starting Points

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The AtGentNet platform


AtGentNet is a collaborative and social networking platform for supporting the social attention of a group of managers engaged in a blended training programme.

see also:

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  • project_AtGentive_logo-xs.jpg February 2008: AtGentive project is featured in two articles:

  • 5 February 2008: AtGentive :: Final revue meeting, INSEAD, Fontrainebleau, France
  • INSEAD_front-25.jpg 26 October 2007 The ITM concept Worldwide launch, October 2007

  • 17-20 September 2007: ECTEL 2007 (we had a paper)

    • First European Technology Enhanced Learning Conference
    • 17-20 September 2007, Crete, Greece
  • 16 September 2007: AMUCE 2007 Attention Management in Ubiquitous Computing Environments, Innsbruck September 16-19, 2007

    • Organised by AUP and Oxford Brooks University, two partners of the project
  • Attention Aware System Networking session proposal

    • Submission for IST 2006, Helsinki, 21-23 november 2006
    • This session aims at exploring project themes related to applications, and R&D, for attention aware systems.
    • If you are interested in attending this session or giving a presentation please register your interest on the IST 2006 website
  • ECTEL 2006 (we submitted a poster and a paper)

    • First European Technology Enhanced Learning Conference
    • 1-4 October 2006, Crete.
    • ECTEL 2006 will organize a special FP6 "Project GetTogether Meeting" with poster presentations. Each project will be provided with one poster board where your poster will be displayed throughout the conference. There will also be a special slot dedicated to a project poster session, during which a representative of your project is asked to be available for providing more information about your project, progress, and results, to all conference attendees. Please let us know whether you are interested in this opportunity.

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Articles about Atgentive


Thierry Nabeth, Nicolas Maisonneuve (2011);
Managing Attention in the Social Web: The AtGentNet Approach;
Book Chapter in Claudia Roda Ed. (2011), Human Attention in Digital Environments, Cambridge University Press
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (... Cambridge University Press web)
Kathrin Kirchner, Liana Razmerita, Thierry Nabeth (2009);
Personal and Collective Knowledge Management in the Web 2.0: Two Faces of Knowledge Management;
I2CS 2009, 9th International Conference on Innovative Internet Community Systems, June 15-17, 2009, Jena, Germany, forthcoming
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (I2CS 2009 Jena, Germany)
Claudia Roda, Thierry Nabeth (2008);
Attention management in organizations: Four levels of support in information systems;
In A. Bounfour (Ed.), Organizational Capital : Modelling, Measuring and Contextualising. Routledge (advanced research series in management). pp 214-233
; projects: (AtGentive);
Thierry Nabeth, Hasse Karlsson, Albert A. Angehrn, Nicolas Maisonneuve (2008);
A Social Network Platform for Vocational Learning in the ITM Worldwide Network;
IST Africa 2008, Windhoek, Namibia, 7-9 May 2008
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (pdf 102Kb)
Claudia Roda, Thierry Nabeth (2008);
Attention management in organizations: Four levels of support in information systems;
In A. Bounfour (Ed.), Organizational Capital : Modelling, Measuring and Contextualising. Routledge (advanced research series in management). pp 214-233
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (publisher Routledge)
Nicolas Maisonneuve (2007);
Application of a simple visual attention model to the communication overload problem;
Attention Management in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (AMUCE 2007), Innsbruck - Sunday September 16
; projects: (AtGentive);
Thierry Nabeth (2008);
User Profiling for Attention Support for School and Work;
Book Chapter in Mireille Hildebrandt and Serge Gutwirth Editors (2008), Profiling the European Citizen; Springer
; projects: (FIDIS, AtGentive);
Claudia Roda, Thierry Nabeth (2006);
Virtual Communities and the Attention Economy;
Journée de recherche de l'AIM, Faculté Jean Monnet, Sceaux, France, 6 octobre 2006
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (pdf 360Kb)
Claudia Roda, Thierry Nabeth (2006);
Poster: The AtGentive project: Attentive Agents for Collaborative Learners;
ECTEL 2006; First European Technology Enhanced Learning Conference, 1-4 October 2006, Crete.
A poster presenting the AtGentive project.
; projects: (AtGentive);
Claudia Roda, Thierry Nabeth (2005);
The role of attention in the design of Learning Management Systems;
IADIS International Conference CELDA (Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age) 2005
to be completed.
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (pdf 150Kb)

Working papers

Thierry Nabeth, Claudia Roda, Albert A. Angehrn (2006);
Approaches and Tools for Addressing the Attention Challenge in the Knowledge Economy;
2006/06 INSEAD/CALT Working Paper No. 14.
An overview of attention issues in the knowledge economy, and some approaches to address them.
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (pdf 53Kb)


see also AtGentive Deliverables

Hasse Karlsson, Thierry Nabeth (2007);
DELIVERABLE D5.3. Deployment of the pilot for use in business education;
WP5, Deliverable D5.3, Status: Public
to be completed.
; projects: (AtGentive);
download: (pdf 4.892 Mb)


Albert A. Angehrn (2005);
ICDT presentation;
CALT Presentation
a description
; projects: (ICDT platform, AtGentive);
download: (ppt 5.56Mb)

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The platforms

  • AtGentSchool platform

    • A platform supporting the attention of childreen in a classroom. (AtGentSchool sessions have been organised)
  • AtGentNet platform

    • A social networking / collaboration platform that can be used un a variety of contexts such as blended learning, support of communities (alumni networks), support for project collaboration (knowledge repository and exchange).

Several components

  • The reasoning module
  • The perception module
  • An artificial characters component based on La Cantoche technology

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  • The AtGentSchool pilot

    • consisted in a series of sessions in the classroom
  • ITM Training Europe 2007 (the AtGentNet pilot)

Note: ITM Training Europe 2007 used the Eagle Racing Simulation designed as part of the L2C project.

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