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 Career Guide

CareerGuide project

Project Abstract: CareerGuide

CareerGuide for Schools

The CareerGUIDE for Schools network’s main aim is to promote career education and awareness in European schools. The network collaborates with experts in pedagogy, labour market, career guidance, school to work transitions and technology in order to contribute in offering substantial orientation to school children as well as to those who support them in this process.

The partnership of the CareerGUIDE for Schools network will form collaborative working-groups throughout the entire network’s lifetime.

CareerGUIDE for Schools network will develop a Network of Schools across Europe in order to implement the partnership’s research results and activities, as well as to use the CareerGUIDE Web Portal. Disseminating the network’s results and activities, a virtual career guidance European Community will be formed highlighting the significance of Career Guidance in schools. In addition, support and useful resources will be offered to teachers for implementing Career Guidance in schools and new curriculum guidelines will be developed.

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Coordinator: person.katrina.maxwell-25.gif Katrina Maxwell



CareerGuide for Schools

Project Timeframe:November 2005 - November 2008.

Coordinator: Katrina Maxwell

Project Team: Albert A. Angehrn, Thierry Nabeth

web site:

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  • 4 November 2006 : CareerGuide: European dimension

    • Athens, Greece, November 4, 2006
    • The Conference will bring together experts on pedagogy, psychology, technology, labour market, teachers and researchers to exchange ideas on career guidance in Europe.

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Working papers

Katrina Maxwell, Albert A. Angehrn (2008);
Games in Career Guidance: Effectiveness of Using a SmallWorld Simulation to Develop Social Skills in the Workplace;
Working paper INSEAD 2008/10/OB/TOM/CALT
; projects: (CareerGuide);
download: (html/pdf ?Kb)

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