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VERDI Project

Project Abstract: VERDI

Verdi (Virtual Environment for Real-time Distributed applications over the Internet)

VERDI is a research project whose broad objective is the demonstration that advanced satellite broadband multimedia platforms can enable developers of Internet applications and publishers of rich-media contents to address the broadband Internet services market.

The VERDI project was articulated on three key technologies:

  1. a multicast satellite-based network infrastructure (OpenSky),
  2. a multi-users virtual reality server technology using multicast to optimize the sharing of information among distributed users (VRSAT),
  3. and a VRML and Java-based technology (Cortona) allowing end users to navigate and to interact in shared 3D virtual worlds.

C-VIBE, the application designed by CALT in this project, is a virtual reality business simulation game in which learners, operating in distributed teams, are challenged to implement a major innovation in a fictitious company in which managers (represented by virtual characters) display dynamically different forms of resistance to change.

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Verdi (Virtual Environment for Real-time Distributed applications over the Internet)

Project Timeframe:July 2001 - February 2004.

Coordinator: Albert A. Angehrn

Project Team: Andre Campos, Mitja Kostomaj, Thierry Nabeth

web site:

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Project Publications


Thierry Nabeth, Albert A. Angehrn (2004);
Embedding 2D Standalone Educational Simulation Games in 3D Multi-Users Environments: The Case of C-VIBE;
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2004), Joensuu, Finland, pp. 711-713.
This paper presents insights gained in the design and evaluation of C-VIBE, a 3D multi-users simulation game developed within VERDI (Virtual Environment for Real time Distributed applications over the Internet), a project exploring advanced applications running over a satellite network infrastructure, and in particular innovative solutions for management education.
; projects: (VERDI);
download: (pdf 150Kb)
Albert A. Angehrn, Thierry Nabeth (2001);
C-VIBE: A Virtual Interactive Business Environment addressing Change Management Learning;
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (I-CALT 2001), Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
C-VIBE is an advanced learning system taking advantage of simulation, multimedia, virtual reality, agents/avatars-based, and multi-user, distributed communication technologies to deliver a realistic learning experience addressing the dynamics of change and innovation processes in organizations.
; projects: (VERDI);
download: (pdf 273Kb)

Project documents

Albert A. Angehrn (2004);
VERDI C-Vibe: Overview & Evaluation Results;
CALT Final presentation, ESA, Amsterdam, February 2004
a description
; projects: (VERDI);
download: (ppt 632Kb)
Albert A. Angehrn, Mitja Kostomaj, Thierry Nabeth (2003);
VERDI Evaluation of the C-VIBE Project V3.0;
Verdi project final report, November 2003
a description
; projects: (VERDI);
download: (pdf 251Kb)
Albert A. Angehrn, Mitja Kostomaj, Thierry Nabeth (2003);
User Manual for C-VIBE (3D Version of the EIS Simulation);
CALT Report
a description
; projects: (VERDI);
download: (pdf 1.95Mb)

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The Architecture

VERDI C-Vibe Technical Architecture (Overview)


The Prototype


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Other References


  • Satellite seeks broadband re-entry

    • by Jim Hu, CNET, March 11, 2004
    • Hughes Electronics swallowed a bitter pill last year when it ended an ambitious partnership with America Online to deliver high-speed Internet access over the Hughes satellite network.
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