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 agent technology

Agent technology

related terms: cognitive architectures, artificial life, ABSS (Agent-Based Social Simulation), artificial intelligence, virtual reality/bots,

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Interesting resources

Forum & mailing lists

  • comp.agents.*

    • Warning. This newsgroup does not exist yet !
  • The Software Agents Mailing List

    • The Software Agents Mailing List is devoted to the issues of software agents, personal digital assistants, software robots, knowbots, intelligent interface agents, etc
  • i3news

    • the mailing list of the European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces.
  • Abstract Intelligent Agents E-mail group

    • Abstract Intelligent Agents is a newsgroup focused on the modeling problems of abstract intelligent agents, i.e. independent from their physical and software realizations.
  • the Mobility Mailing List

    • The Mobility Mailing list has been set up to discuss all things pertaining to mobile code, objects, agents and the like.
  • --- miscellaneous
  • Agents discussion forum

Starting points

Newsletters, Journals, magazines

Articles, papers

  • Hendler, James (2007), "Where Are All the Intelligent Agents?", IEEE Intelligent Systems 22 (3): 2-3, doi: 10.1109/MIS.2007.62.
  • Space Shuttle Ground Processing with Monitoring Agents

    • Glenn S. Semmel et al., IEEE Intelligent Systems, January/February 2006 (Vol. 21, No. 1) pp. 68-73
    • To assist engineers in this around-the-clock monitoring of thousands of measurements, a software agent, the NASA Engineering Shuttle Telemetry Agent (NESTA), was recently developed and deployed at KSC. NESTA operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sniffing out predefined data patterns of interest and instantly notifying shuttle engineers via email or wireless page.
  • Interface agents personalizing Web-based tasks

    • by Daniela Godoy, Silvia Schiaffino and Analía Amandi
    • Cognitive Systems Research, Special Issue on Intelligent Agents and Data Mining for Cognitive Systems,Volume 5, Issue 3 , September 2004, Pages 207-222
    • Intelligent agents have become a solution to assist users in this task since they can retrieve, filter and organize information on behalf of their users. In this paper we present two experiences in the development of interface agents assisting users in Web-based tasks: PersonalSearcher?, a personalized Web searcher, and NewsAgent?, a personalized digital newspaper generator.
  • "Theme: Agent-Oriented Technology for Telecommunications"

  • "Theme: agents"

  • "Agents can think, too!: Learn how to increase your agent's IQ to make it more robust, reliable, and useful"

  • "Agents on the move: Bolster your client apps by adding agent mobility"

  • "WSJ front page article on shopbots and pricing"

  • "Bots Are Hot!"

    • by Andrew Leonard
    • Wired, April 1996
    • Botmadness reigns, botwars rage, as ever more complex chunks of code roam the Net and evolve toward a-life. It's the great technodialectic, where every solution breeds a problem breeds a new solution.
  • --- obsolete
  • "Robots Invade the Net !"

    •, 3/16/98
  • "Bdi agents: From theory to practice,"

    • by A. S. Rao and M. P. Georgeff
    • Tech. Rep. 56, Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Melbourne, Australia, April 1995.
    • This paper explores a particular type of rational agent, a Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) agent. The primary aim of this paper is to integrate (a) the theoretical foundations of BDI agents from both a quantitative decision-theoretic perspective and a symbolic reasoning perspective; (b) the implementations of BDI agents from an ideal theoretical perspective and a more practical perspective; and (c) the building of large-scale applications based on BDI agents.
  • "Agents, Services, and Electronic Markets: How do they Integrate?"

    • M. Merz, W. Lamersdorfa, 1996

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Definition, standards, ...



  • BDI (Belief, Desire, Intention)

    • A BDI agent has beliefs about the world and desires to satisfy, driving it to form intentions to act. An intention is a commitment to perform a plan. A BDI agent is a rational agent (has bounded resources, limited understanding and incomplete knowledge of what happens in the environment it lives).
    • see the paper
    • "Bdi agents: From theory to practice," A. S. Rao and M. P. Georgeff, April 1995.
    • see also for frameworks relying on this model:

  • Actors Model

    • Actors are self contained, interactive, autonomous components of a computing system that communicate through asychronous message passing.
    • see Gul Agha
    • See also the book: "Actors: A Model of Concurrent Computation in Distributed Systems",

  • see also cognition (cognitive architectures)

Norms, Standards, Protocols

  • FIPA

    • Foundaton for Intelligent Physical Agents.
    • The basic objective of FIPA is standardization of agent technology.
  • DAML

    • DARPA Agent Markup Language
    • The goal of the DAML program is to create technologies that will enable software agents to dynamically identify and understand information sources, and to provide interoperability between agents in a semantic manner.
    • see also Semantic Web
  • Simple Agent Transfer Protocol (SATP)

    • Aglets
  • --- old
  • KQML

    • Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language. (protocol for knowledge exchange).
  • KIF

    • Knowledge Interchange Formation. (knowledge representation).
  • anounce SATP
  • --- obsolete
  • JAS

    • Java Agent Services
    • The Java Agent Services project is an initiative to define an industry standard specification and API for the development of network agent and service architectures.

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People and organizations

Groups, Laboratories, Research Centres

Corporate Labs

Organizations, networks

  • AgentLink

    • Europe's ESPRIT-funded Network of Excellence for agent-based computing.
  • FIPA

    • Foundaton for Intelligent Physical Agents.
    • The basic objective of FIPA is standardization of agent technology.
  • Collège Systèmes Multi-Agents

    • Le collège SMA a pour mission de favoriser l'échange scientifique au sein de la communauté française travaillant dans le domaine des systèmes multi-agents (SMA), d'offrir un portail ouvert sur toutes les activités de ce domaine de recherche en plein essor et de soutenir les différents événements scientifiques dans le domaine des SMA qui se déroulent en France (conférences, ateliers, groupes de travail, etc.).
  • Oasis

    • Objets et Agents pour Systèmes d'Information et de Simulation
    • OASIS est un thème interdisciplinaire qui se veut au croisement de l'intelligence artificielle, du génie logiciel et de l'informatique répartie.
  • AFIA

    • Association Française pour l'Intelligence Artificielle
  • European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces

    • i3, the European initiative for intelligent information interfaces, was created in 1997 in order to take a human-centred approach to the exploration of new, visionary interactive systems for people in their everyday activities.
  • --- obsolete?
  • The Agent Society

    • The Agent Society is an international industry and professional organization established to assist in the widespread development and emergence of intelligent agent technologies and markets. It's members consist of leading companies and institutions in the agent field, working together under a non-profit organization aegis.

People working on agents

Companies working on agents

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  • Intelligent Agents for Home Energy Management

    • This project seeks to apply novel artificial intelligence approaches to develop intelligent agents that will enable domestic consumers to visualise, understand and manage their energy use.
  • etc.....


  • The Trading Agent Competition

    • The Trading Agent Competition (TAC) is an international forum designed to promote and encourage high quality research into the trading agent problem.

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Other references


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