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Virtual reality (and Virtual Worlds)

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  • INSEAD virtual campus in Second Life

    • Since the launch of its Second Life campus in 2006, INSEAD has opened up its virtual auditorium to MBA, Executive MBA and Executive participants for classes, and to faculty and staff for online workshops.
    • The new campus – INSEAD’s third campus after Fontainebleau and Singapore – is part of the Learning Innovation Centre’s mission to explore and develop new learning technologies, methods, and ideas, which can be incorporated in to the design and delivery of INSEAD's MBA and Executive Education programmes.
  • INSEAD virtual campus in Alpha World

    • INSEAD is a space that was created in May 1996 by INSEAD CALT? (Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies) as the virtual campus of the INSEAD Business School, and to conduct some researches about usages of Virtual worlds for education.


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  • "Snow Crash"

    • by Neal Stephenson, 1993
    • the must read SFi book.
  • "Neuromancer"

    • by William Gibson, 1984
    • Here is the novel that started it all, launching the cyberpunk generation


Phd dissertations, etc.


  • Virtual Worlds for Business Q2 2009

    • By Zebra.
    • It makes an overview of different VWs (including screenshots), and they application for business such as Active Worlds; OLIVE; Protosphere; Qwaq Forums; Second Life and Web Alive
  • Virtual-Worlds and Collaborative-Work Survey Report

    • March 2008
    • The survey was recently designed and conducted by SRIC-BI's Virtual-Worlds Consortium for Innovation and Learning (VWC) in collaboration with three other organizations that focus on virtual worlds.
  • Virtual Worlds: A Business Guide

    • An O'Reilly Radar Report, by Roger Magoulas, Ben Lorica, and the O'Reilly Radar Team
    • March 2008, 41 pages
  • Comparing Virtual World Platforms

    • By Ross McKerlich, Brandon Hall report, October 2007.
    • "Virtual Worlds for Learning: An Analysis of Eight Immersive Environment Platforms" profiles eight virtual worlds to consider for workplace learning. This report also presents standards for evaluating virtual worlds, to help you select a suitable platform.
    • price: $275

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  • the Web3D Consortium
  • the 3D Industry Forum

    • The purpose of the 3D Industry Forum is to: Further the adoption of 3D by establishing 3DIF technologies and standards as well accepted and widely deployed offerings utilized by content developers, software and hardware ISV's, governmental entities and end users...
  • The Contact Consortium
  • The London Virtual Reality Group
  • ISPRS Working Group V/3: Scene Modeling for Visualization and Virtual Reality

    • this group addresses the following topic:
    • Creation of accurate Virtual Reality (VR) models from real scenes and objects.
    • Sensor fusion for complete model creation.
    • Seeking new VR applications requiring high precision 3-D models.
  • the Virtual Worlds Group

    • The Virtual Worlds Group ( is an organization of individuals who are dedicated to helping advance the body of research on online multi-user applications.
    • The founding members of this group are employees of Microsoft Research and have created a software platform called Virtual Worlds that enables users to build these applications and quickly prototype user interfaces for them.
  • Association of Virtual Worlds

    • The Association mission is to serve those companies and individuals who are dedicated to the advancement of this multi-billion dollar global industry and reach out to those who have not yet found virtual worlds


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Vr for training

  • Alelo Inc.

    • Immersive simulations of real life social communication

    • Simulation for Wargaming, Operation Research and Doctrine.
  • SimuLearn

    • Leadership training simulation
  • see also: serious games


  • Millions of us

    • An Agency Specializing in Virtual Worlds
  • Stonfield inworld

    • This company, originally established in Oloron Sainte-Marie (Pyrenees Atlantiques), also settled in Neuilly sur Seine and Toulouse, France, is a participant in the market for virtual worlds (Second Life,, OpenSim?, Multiverse).


  • Sense8

    • The designer of the WorldToolKit? product

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  • Peach Presence Research in Action

    • Peach is three year Coordination Action on Presence (ending May 2009) funded by the European Commission under the Future Emerging Technologies (FET). The main objective is to stimulate, structure and support the interdisciplinary Presence research community and produce visions and roadmaps for the field.
  • Intuition

    • Network of Excellence on Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments Applications for Future Workspaces
    • INTUITION’s VISION is to coordinate and structure the research on VR across Europe, in order to increase the competitiveness of European Groups and promote Europe to become a leading force in VR/VE technologies.
  • DIFAC (FP6, IST-2005-2.5.9)

    • DIFAC: Digital Factory for human oriented production system.
    • The DiFac? CME will be used as a framework to support group work in an immersive and interactive way, for concurrent product design, prototyping and manufacturing, as well as worker training.
  • NECA (IST 2000-28580)

    • Net Environments for Embodied Emotional Conversational Agents.
    • NECA develops a new generation of mixed multi-user / multi-agent virtual spaces populated by affective conversational agents. The agents will be able to express themselves through synchronised emotional speech and non-verbal expression.
  • Uni-Verse

    • A project for creating an open source Internet platform for multi-user, interactive, distributed, high-quality 3D graphics and audio for home, public and personal use. The platform will support high-quality 3D-graphics as well as high-quality 3D-audio and acoustic simulation.
  • VERDI? (ESA funded project)

    • Virtual Environment for Real time Distributed applications over the Internet
    • The objective of the VERDI project is to demonstrate via 3 applications that advanced satellite broadband multimedia platforms can enable developers of Internet applications and publishers of rich-media contents to address the broadband Internet services market.
    • One of the e-learning application is:
    • C-VIBE : a virtual reality management business simulation game. This pilot consists in the design and the testing of a multi-user change management simulation in which the students (learners) are immersed in the department of an organisation (recreated using a 3D artefact) that has to go through a major transformation.
    • see also VERDI (ESA page)
  • Madison (IST -1999 - 12100)

    • Multi-tier Architecture for Distributed Interactive Simulation
  • IST -- Interfaces, Simulation and Visualisation Technologies (Unit E3)

    • European Community Unit
    • Unit E3 integrates simulation, visualisation and interfacing technologies. Complementing the work of other units within IST, it aims at supporting horizontal integration of technologies at both ends of the multimedia delivery and communication chain in order to facilitate the deployment of new and attractive services.
  • i3net projects: Connected Community and Inhabited Information Spaces

    • i3net: the European research initiative on intelligent information interfaces

    • A virtual reality project between INSEAD CALT? and IBM investigating the use of virtual worlds for e-commerce.
  • ---
  • the M3-project

    • The objective of the M3-project is the realization of a Simulated World involving real human actors in a virtual reality environment based on multidisciplinary simulation models. The distributed design of the M3-system aims at integrated simulation of complex processes belonging to heterogeneous levels of reality, paying specific attention to real human modes of conduct.
    • read also "The M3-Project - Living in Simulated Worlds", ERCIM News, No.45 - April 2001.
  • Project Renaissance

    • IST-1999-12163 project
    • The project will develop an authoring environment to implement and mantain an Internet virtual community based on historical reconstructions, by accurately codifying the social and behavioural rules of the considered period.
  • VR for Europe project

    • (Syseca)
    • VR for Europe is a project sponsored by the EuropeanCommission?, its aim is to foster the use of virtual reality and real time 3D graphic simulation in European industry.
  • The Distributed Extensible Virtual Reality Laboratory (DEVRL)
  • (PAVR) Platform for Animation and Virtual Reality

    • An European project.
  • COVEN (COllaborative Virtual ENvironments)

    • An ACTS European project.
    • COVEN aims at developing a computational service for teleworking and virtual presence. The overall objective of the project is to provide the facilities needed to support future cooperative teleworking systems and to demonstrate the added value of networked VR for both professional users and home users.


  • Orange Island

    • Second Life World created by Orange Labs
    • Orange Island is a place where we want to share and collaborate with the Second Life community, offering a range of events that not only give opportunities to discuss and explore new ideas and technologies but provide some fun experiences too.
  • The Synthetic Worlds Initiative

    • The Synthetic Worlds Initiative is a research center at Indiana University whose aim is to promote innovative thinking on synthetic worlds. Synthetic worlds are immersive digital spaces that can host many online users on a persistent basis. The most popular applications of this technology today are massive video games.


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  • The ISIS project

    • VR transmittion.b
  • WebWorld

    • An ancestor of active world.
  • Project: 3D based videotransmission technology
  • blitcom

    • Streaming and push VRML.
    • VRML will be delivered - via Netscape's Netcaster and Microsoft's CDF - to VRML desktops around the world.

    • at ETHZ Man-Machine-Interaction
    • BUILD-IT is a planning tool based on computer vision technology, with a capacity for complex planning and composition tasks. The system enables users, grouped around a table, to interact in a virtual scene, using real bricks to select and manipulate objects in the scene.
  • UNIVerse

    • 3D Instant Messaging with AIM, ICQ, & Jabber.
  • see also the virtual reality old page at:
  • DotRed

    • DotRed Project's aim is to create a multiplayer on-line game, using web social networking utilities to bring users together for humanitarian and social purposes, focusing on the transition from the virtual world to the real world.


  • Myrl

    • Myrl is a social gateway for virtual worlds that allows you to share your virtual life on the web. Discover, browse and play across multiple worlds with Myrl.

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