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 cognitive maps

cognitive maps

related terms: cognition, concept maps, tagging, social network?

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  • CMC 2006

    • 2nd International Conference on Concept Mapping

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Information visualisation

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  • Viz Tools
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  • touchgraph
  • SpringGraph Flex Component

    • SpringGraph? is a Adobe Flex 2.0 component that displays a set of items that are linked to each other. The component calculates the layout for the items using an organic-looking annealing algorithm based on the size and links of each item, and draws lines to represent the links.
  • prefuse
  • Bestiario
  • treemap

    • Treemap is a space-constrained visualization of hierarchical structures. It is very effective in showing attributes of leaf nodes using size and color coding.
  • thebrain
  • liveplasma
  • inxight
  • kartoo
  • OmniGraffle
  • FreeMind

    • FreeMind is a premier free mind-mapping software written in Java


  • Huminity
  • Aroundme

    • free social networking and group collaboration platform
  • CALT:javascript components? (graphs)
  • flex
  • ...

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Networks, graphs & maps

Semantic networks, bayesian networks, cognitive maps, etc.


  • The VGJ Graph Drawing Tool

    • Auburn University
    • VGJ, Visualizing Graphs with Java, is a tool for graph drawing and graph layout. Graphs can be input into VGJ in two ways: with a textual description (GML), or through a drawing the user creates using our graph editor. The user can then select an algorithm to layout the graph in an organized and (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing way.
  • graph_ge.c

  • JUNG

    • Java Universal Network/Graph Framework

Bayesian Networks

  • --- articles
  • "18th-century theory is new force in computing"

    • by Michael Kanellos, CNET, February 18, 2003
    • The idea--roughly speaking--is simple: The likelihood that something will happen can be plausibly estimated by how often it occurred in the past. Researchers are applying the idea to everything from gene studies to filtering e-mail.
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  • PNL

    • Intel Open Source Probabilistic Network Library
  • Microsoft Belief Network Tools

    • Tools for Bayesian Inference
    • A Windows application is freely available for research purpose. This application allows the creation, assessment and evaluation of Bayesian belief networks.
  • Netica

    • from Norsys Software Corp
    • Netica is a powerful, easy-to-use, complete program for working with belief networks and influence diagrams. It has an intuitive and smooth user interface for drawing the networks, and the relationships between variables may be entered as individual probabilities, in the form of equations, or learned from data files
  • Agena Ltd

    • Agena Ltd is a consultancy specialising in risk management and decision support for business-critical and safety-critical computer-based systems.
    • They maintain a resource of information and links on areas of particular expertise: specifically Bayesian belief networks, software metrics, software reliability and safety.

Cognitive Maps

  • Cyber-Geography Research

    • Exploring the geographies of the Internet, the Web and other emerging Cyberspaces.
  • Assistum

    • ASSISTUM is a suite of software products enabling the creation and use of knowledge bases that help users come to a decision.
    • A knowledge base consists of a "concept-map" of factors relevant to the issue under consideration, together with "rules of thumb" that connect them. Assistum uses "fuzzy logic" and artificial intelligence.
  • Goldridge KnowBank

    • The Knowledgebank is a largescale database which stores information collected from a variety of sources. These include Intelligent Agents on the Internet, published information from journals and books, analysis and experiments. Into this database is linked a search engine and a Visualisation system which generates Maps.
  • Information on Self-Organizing Map (SOM)

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  • Winds

    • This project used information vizualisation


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