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ibstpi defines a competency integrated set of skill?s, knowledge?, and attitudes? that enables one to effectively perform the activities of a given occupation? or function to the standards expected in employment?.

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  • Performance management 2006

    • Bersin & Associates, 2006
    • A comprehensive study of employee performance management: best practices in performance management processes and detailed analysis of performance management systems.

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People and organizations


  • ...


  • StudyGroup-Competencies

    • Online site for the use of those participating in the IEEE Study Groups on competencies, performance and skills.


  • ibstpi

    • The International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction
    • ibstpi has issued competencies and performance statements for Instructors, Instructional Designers

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  • TenCompetence project? (IST-IP)

    • TENCompetence is a 4-year EU-funded Integrated IST-TEL project that will develop a technical and organisational infrastructure for lifelong competence development.

    • The objective of PROLIX is to align learning with business processes in order to enable organisations to faster improve the competencies of their employees according to continuous changes of business requirements.
  • KITE (IST)

    • KITE, The European mobile worker’s kit
    • The KITE project was established in the context of the creation and dissemination of the electronic version of Europass, the European Community Framework for the transparency of qualifications and competencies.
  • CareerGuide project? (Socrates / Comenius 3)

    • The CareerGUIDE for Schools network’s main aim is to promote career education and awareness in European schools. The network collaborates with experts in pedagogy, labour market, career guidance, school to work transitions and technology in order to contribute in offering substantial orientation to school children as well as to those who support them in this process.
  • the European eCompetence Initiative (EUeCompInt )

    • The European eCompetence Initiative is a highly specialised, large size network (23 partners), which focuses on individual and organisational strategies for the integration of ICT in Higher Education.
    • This portal provides up-to-date coverage of the project aims and activities and essential information on the topic of eCompetence seen from a European perspective.

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Systems & technologies

Standards & ontologies

  • IEEE RCD (Reusable Competency Definition)
  • HR-XML

    • Standard for representing human resources related information.
    • This standard include a facet that is related to the representation of competences
  • IMS-RDCEO (Reusable Definition of Competency or Educational Objective)
  • IMS LIP (Learner Information Package)

    • Standard for representing student information in eLearning systems.
    • This standard include a facet that is related to the representation of competences
  • Europass

    • Objective: to make skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe
    • provides a model of competence.
  • resume-rdf
  • DOAC: Description of a Career

    • DOAC is a RDF metadata vocabulary to describe professional capabilities of a worker like any curriculum or resume that peopleuse to have in their websites but with much better capabilities.



  • Mind Tools

    • Inventory of tools that are useful to support essential life, career training and management training skills, ...
  • Trivium tools

    • The Capability Tree
    • The Estimation module (technology that automatically extracts competencies and skills from any full-text document)
  • SkillView

    • SkillView Connection is SkillSoft’s competency management application that is designed to help businesses manage their employees’ skills and knowledge more effectively.

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Other references


  • manageRH (french)

    • Un programme de formation à la gestion de competence

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