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Entreprise 2.0

see also web 2.0, collaboration, learning, knowledge management

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Interesting articles

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  • Government 2.0: Building an Online Democracy (podcast)

    • Don Tapscott in Talk of the Nation, May 20, 2008
    • Don Tapscott explains how he is working to create government Web sites intended to get American citizens engaged in democracy. He says the Internet can make government more open, participatory and efficient and maybe even smaller and cheaper, too.


  • Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey Results

    • The McKinsey Quarterly, July 2008
    • Companies are using more Web 2.0 tools and technologies than they were last year, sometimes for more complex business purposes, according to McKinsey?s second annual survey on Web 2.0. Companies that are satisfied with their use of these tools are starting to see changes throughout the enterprise
  • Enterprise Adoption of Web 2.0: It's Happening

    • Written by Sarah Perez, ReadWriteWeb?, May 31, 2008
  • Enterprise 2.0 To Become a $4.6 Billion Industry By 2013

    • Sarah Perez, ReadWriteWeb?, April 20, 2008
    • A new report released today by Forrester Research is predicting that enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies is going to increase dramatically over the next five years. This increase will include more spending on social networking tools, mashups, and RSS, with the end result being a global enterprise market of $4.6 billion by the year 2013.
  • Corporate America wakes up to Web 2.0

    • by Martin LaMonica, CNET, June 26, 2006
    • Big companies have for years installed industrial-strength content management systems in the hope of sparking collaboration among workers. There was just one problem: People didn't use them. Now, tools that people are familiar with on the consumer Web, such as blogs and wikis, are staking out ground inside businesses, often led by the end users themselves.
  • Web 2.0 meets the enterprise

    • by Martin LaMonica, CNET, April 28, 2006
    • New ideas in consumer technology are rapidly creeping into the design and marketing of software aimed at corporations. For example, Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs and AJAX are starting to show their potential behind corporate firewalls, analysts said.
  • Google unveils Web-based calendar app

    • by Elinor Mills, CNET, April 12, 2006
    • Google on Thursday unveiled a free Web-based calendar application that is expected to heat up competition with Yahoo and Microsoft.
  • Small is beautiful for Web 2.0 start-ups

    • by Martin LaMonica, CNET, February 6, 2006
    • Rather than try to crack into the business market with a complicated, pricey product, Fried and his colleagues chose to stake out a fairly narrow sliver of the software world: hosted personal organizers and project management applications.
  • signal.gif What Is Web 2.0 Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software

    • by Tim O'Reilly 30 september 2005
    • Not only related to Virtual communities, but also to the next vision of the Internet
  • Blogs and Wikis: Emergent Collaboration in the Enterprise

    • Panel at the Collaborative Technology Conference (CTC) in New York, 20 Jun 2005

Articles (Academic)

  • signal.gif Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration

    • by Andrew P. McAfee, Sloan Management Review, Spring 2006, Vol. 47, No. 3, pp. 21-28
    • There is a new wave of business communication tools including blogs, wikis and group messaging software which the author has dubbed, collectively, Enterprise 2.0 that allow for more spontaneous, knowledge-based collaboration. These new tools, the author contends, may well supplant other communication and knowledge management systems with their superior ability to capture tacit knowledge, best practices and relevant experiences from throughout a company and make them readily available to more users.


  • Vendors: Prepare For Falling Prices For Enterprise Web 2.0 Collaboration And Productivity Apps

    • by G. Oliver Young, Forrester Research, October 9, 2008
    • The enterprise Web 2.0 market is experiencing an explosion of activity among enterprises seeking collaboration and productivity improvements. While that explosion is placing Web 2.0 technology in the hands of millions of knowledge workers, cutthroat competition, commoditization, bundling, and subsumption are all offsetting the associated license revenue growth. How bad will it get? Forrester expects that most Web 2.0 tools will experience falling average deal sizes over the next five years, with some deal sizes dropping by more than half.

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People and organizations


  • Andrew P. McAfee

    • Associate Professor, Harvard Business School
    • One of his current research is an exploration of how Web 2.0 technologies can be used within the enterprise, and what their impact is likely to be.
  • John Hagel (and blog )

    • Former Global Leader of McKinsey's Strategy Practice and Electronic Commerce Practice
  • Martin Dugage (blog)

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Systems and services




  • Enterprise Social Search

    • Knowledge Plaza allows you to save, organize, and intelligently share sources, documents, e-mails, and in particular to make them available to other people of the organisation.

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