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A working paper on InnoTube


A working paper on InnoTube (edited by Albert A.Angehrn, A.Marco Luccini and Katrina Maxwell).


 Albert A. Angehrn, Marco Luccini, Katrina Maxwell (2008); InnoTube : A video-based connection tool supporting collaborative innovation; Working paper n°, CALT, November 2008

Abstract – Innovation is a key driver of organizational renewal and success. However, providing the right environment for innovative ideas to emerge and develop is not easy. This is further complicated by the fact that the professional environment is increasingly virtual as globally dispersed organizational and inter-organizational teams collaborate on innovative projects, making effective information and communication technologies indispensable.
While many organizations have knowledge management (KM) systems, most of these have not been developed with the aim of supporting theinnovation process, and many do not even succeed in their primary aim, i.e. supporting knowledge exchange, as they do not take into consideration the emotional, psychological and social needs of individuals. In order to address these issues, we have developed a video-based connection tool, InnoTube, which makes full use of social network ties and Web2.0 technologies to support collaborative innovation. InnoTube provides a showcase for innovation-related ideas and their inceptors, as well as proactively encourages the development of social connections and the brainstorming of cross functional globally dispersed teams. Results of a successful initial pilot study in the automobile industry are also presented.



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